Why It’s Important to Provide RAMS?

24 February 2023

A vital component of Health and Safety management in many industries are risk assessment and method statements (RAMS). In order to ensure that all required steps are taken to safeguard workers and others from harm, they are used to identify and control any hazards and risks associated with a particular task or project.

Normally, a RAMS document has two key sections: a risk assessment and a method statement. In the risk assessment phase, each potential hazard is identified, and the level of risk it poses is evaluated. Following the utilisation of this data, a risk-control or risk-mitigation strategy is created and described in the method statement section.

RAMS Risk Assessment

In the risk assessment part of a RAMS document, all potential risks should be considered, including those related to the task at hand, the tools and equipment employed, and the working environment. Any applicable laws and industry standards should also be taken into account. The chance of the dangers happening, and any potential repercussions are evaluated after they have been discovered. Identifying the most important risks and prioritising them for control or mitigation is the goal of this assessment.

RAMS Method Statement

A RAMS document’s method statement section details the steps that will be done to control or mitigate the risks that have been identified. It must contain information on the precise steps that will be taken, such as the provision of personal protective equipment, the implementation of safe work practices, or the giving of workers training and information. Details on how the actions will be followed up on and evaluated so that they continue to be effective should also be included.

A Continuous Process

RAMS is a continuous process, thus the assessment and statement should be evaluated frequently and changed as required. This is vital to keep in mind. Communication of the RAMS document to all pertinent parties, such as employees, managers, and other stakeholders, is also crucial.

In conclusion, RAMS is an essential instrument for guaranteeing the security and wellbeing of personnel and other participants in a job or project. RAMS contributes to the safe and effective completion of the work or project by recognising and managing potential risks and hazards. The effectiveness and sufficiency of the safety measures are ensured through routine evaluation and updating of the RAMS document.

Our Commitment to You

Here at Distribution Maintenance we are continually working on improving our business and offering the best service to our customers that we can. Compliance, Health and Safety plus the importance of risk assessment are always at the forefront of our approach to being the best we can.

Additionally, we work in partnership with a local independent company Ramsay Safety Solutions Limited to act as our ‘Competent persons’ as required under Regulation 7 of The Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999.

Distribution Maintenance Ltd are a Safe Contractor Approved & Accredited company and all RAMS along with Health & Safety Policy and Public / Liability Certs are provided upon agreement of works.

As a Safe Contactor accredited company you can be assured you are dealing with a professional and capable company with competence in Health and Safety practice.

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