Why it’s Beneficial to Buy Refurbished Cages or get Damaged ones repaired

27 January 2020

With a roll cage, you will be able to make sure that the transfer of products and items in your business model is far safer. That’s important because a lot of accidents do occur during the transportation of products. It’s possible for employees to get injured and products to get damaged. With a roll cage, items are stored securely, the whole process becomes more efficient and you don’t have to worry about the products falling during the unloading process. Now, lets’ explore why refurbished cages and repairs are your best option here. 

Cut The Costs 

You will always be saving money if you choose to either purchase refurbished roll cages or repair a damaged roll cage. Roll cages can be quite expensive particularly when purchased brand new on the market. This can be quite a sizeable cost if you are just starting up your business. As well as this, roll cages get damaged all the time, so if you are buying new it becomes a constant pressure on your finances. By getting old cages repaired or opting to invest in cages that have been refurbished you can greatly reduce the issue here. 

Keep Your Company Green

You do need to always think about what clients and customers want from your business. A recent poll revealed that environmental concerns and climate change is high up on the list of priorities for general consumers in the UK. As such, it is worth taking steps to show that your business is going green. Investing in refurbished and recycled pieces of equipment is a great way to do this. It will also help ensure that you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint. This is something that can be used as a unique selling point for your company. 

Spend In Other Areas

Of course, if you are saving money on roll cages this means that you will be able to spend the money you save in other areas. You might, for instance, want to invest that money in tracking systems for your vehicles. By delivering a solution like this, you will be providing a better service to your customers. Alternatively, saving money simply makes your business more competitive on the market. 

Use Cages You Can Depend On 

Finally, you might already have cages that you know work and that will keep your items safe. If that’s the case, it’s more sensible to get these repaired rather than spend money on new cages that have not been tested and that you do not have experience with. They may not provide the same high-quality solution as the cages that you have been using for years and that simply need repairing. 

We hope you see now how refurbished cages or repaired roll cages could be the right option for your company. Distribution Maintenance can help with the supply of both refurbished roll cages and the repair of your damaged cages. Contact us today to see how we can help you.