When the Going Gets Tough, We Chill

23 February 2022

Thermotainers, firstly what are they? 

They’re incredibly important within the distribution area of chilled and frozen products and ensure a regulated temperature is maintained. Without Thermotainers, moving such products would become a logistical nightmare. You can read more in this article “What are Thermotainers”? that we previously published on our website. 

Our success in this area of chilled distribution containers has gone from strength to strength in the last 18 months with increased sales and a few major contracts wins in the supply and maintenance of Thermotainers. 

Leading retailer turns to Distribution Maintenance

The team at Distribution Maintenance rose to fulfilling one of our biggest orders for Thermotainers to date. These were Olivo 500L refurbished Thermotainers and we had to fulfil an order quantity of 400 units in just a three-week lead time. Achieving such a task is a true testament to the skilled staff within our Essex based maintenance and repair centre, plus the 40 years of knowledge and experience within the distribution market that spans many products including roll cages, pallet cages, magnums and much more.

Our skilled engineers are trained to the highest standards within plastic welding and meet the Olivo standard of excellence demanded for such work. Our expertise in this refurbishment covers welding to any major damage of the container including doors and box section. We have a long history of servicing Thermotainers, so our team had in-depth knowledge of the product and were aware of the challenges.

How can we help you?

We are here to assist you with your needs. From our most popular line of roll cages to specialist refurbishment projects like the supply of 400 Thermotainers restored to an excellent, clean and safe working condition. 

We can supply new and refurbished products, assist with ongoing maintenance and servicing to ensure your down time is reduced and make your budget go further. We have unique access to used Thermotainer stocks and can supply parts and accessories for this item. Our supply network enables UK wide delivery on all products.

The Distribution Maintenance servicing team are available to maintain and repair your Thermotainers. 

You can discover more about our full range of services and products by visiting our website.

Whatever your distribution needs are, we can help, and we look forward to discussing with you how we can help you now, or in the future. Give us a call now on 01279 883 286 or email ben@distributionmaintenance.com