There’s more than just one type of roll cage!

16 February 2022

Roll cages have become common place in multiple market sectors but there are many different options available when it comes to considering a roll cage. The diversity of how goods are moved, and the transportation methods have really dictated the demand for a range of roll cages that meet differing needs.

There is no doubt that roll cages offer a fast and efficient way to move goods through a supply chain. Manual handling is minimised which results in less damage to goods and less personal injury. 

Roll cages offer an ergonomic design and reduce the need for secondary packaging, such as shrink wrapping, an additional costing that many overlook. 

Space is also a key consideration in terms of cage design; roll cages offer both excellent packing options for vehicle transportation and less challenges for warehouse organisation. Roll cages can help save time and space throughout the whole supply chain, from supplier to distribution centre to the supermarket. Roll cages offer improved vehicle fill with larger loads and their nestability makes operations faster and return logistics more efficient. 

In this article we will touch on the options available for roll cages, both new and refurbished.

What Types of Roll Cages Are There?

A-Frame Roll Cage

The work horse of the industry and their nesting capabilities are ideal for space saving and storage purposes. Capable of holding a static load of 500kg, these cages are strong and durable.

This is the most common type of roll cage in the marketplace. With an A-shaped chassis, their wheels are situated in similar positions to those on shopping trollies so that they can be nested easily and take up less space when not in use.

A-Frames are easier and quicker to set up and put away than demountable roll cages. They are also ideal for use when transporting goods by lorry and have space saving advantages on return transit.

Full Security Nesting A-Frame

Highly durable for moving high value items securely such as perfume, cigarettes, and alcohol. This full security roll cage with integral folding top lid and mesh panel infill, offers compact nestability and enhanced product security. 

Full Security A-Frame Roll Cage - DMN 5

4-Sided A-Frame

The versatile 4-sided nesting A-frame cage has a full height hinged front gate to safely retain the load. Popular in a variety of industries including automotive and healthcare to mention a few.

3-Sided A-Frame

The three-sided roll cage is a good multi-use option and comes with either a mesh or rod panel infill. With easy access to the cage load, these cages are ideal for use in the foodservice, retail, and hospitality sectors. Nylon retention straps can be supplied to retain products should this be required.

2-Sided A-Frame

Whilst not widely used, the 2-sided A-Frame is ideal for a 2-way picking operation. Easy to stack from either side and move products around with ease.

Z-Frame Roll Cage

This type of roll cage is less popular than the market leading A-Frame roll cage but still used by several UK retailers. So named because their base is in the shape of a ‘Z’ and can be nested when not in use for space saving purposes. The positioning of the wheels in each corner of the base makes this type of roll cage extra stable when in use. 

Demountable Roll Cage

Demountable roll cages can be dismantled when not required. Each side of the cage can be removed, to be stacked together and the base stored separately and can be reassembled quickly. However, this is more time consuming than their A-Frame counterpart but is particularly advantageous when space is at an absolute premium. 

Plastic Roll Cage

An alternative option to metal manufactured roll cages and their material composition means that cages can be washed and disinfected more easily than metal cages. 

Distribution Maintenance has a range of refurbished plastic laundry cages in stock. 

Cage identification can be important to help minimise cage theft from within your network and Distribution Maintenance offers a range of accessories for you to be able to customise your roll cage design. 

Customer Name Plates

We can supply an in-house engraved metal name plate with your choice of wording. Generally, people opt for getting their company name etched onto the plate for identification and to deter other people from taking their cages.

Paint Identification

Top corners can be sprayed for quick identification. This is a great cost-effective way to easily identify your own cages within a mixed fleet. 

Braked Castors

Roll cages have safety devices such as braked castors which prevent the roll cage from moving while being loaded. This is especially important when transporting a large amount of weight. A full range of castors are available when ordering. 

Cage Shelf

A-Frame cages can be fitted with an integral or detachable shelf to compartmentalise the load. If an integral shelf is not being used, then it can simply be folded back in its upright position to allow one complete internal compartment for product loading.

Distribution Maintenance offer a wide range of cage options both new and refurbished together with a range of accessories. Get in touch with us now by calling 01279 883 286 or email

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