The Importance of Roll Cage Repair

20 October 2020

Roll cages serve a vital purpose in factories, warehouses, and retail stores. Used to transport several items at once, they are an important part of the supply chain. They contribute to an organised and efficient service. 

In a world that is becoming more focused on technology than ever before, the very simply designed roll cage is as valuable to retail efficiency than certain advanced management systems. They are versatile, easy to use, reliable, and most importantly, cost-effective. 

Due to the materials used in the manufacturing of roll cages as well as their basic design, they are built to endure. Their durability means that they can last for many years and that any potential repairs or replacements won’t be overly complicated.

However, it’s absolutely essential that businesses maintain their fleet of roll cages, just like any other piece of equipment. Although they are straightforward to use, by their very nature, roll cages are hazardous. Manual handling can be dangerous. As they’re generally used to transport items that are too heavy to lift by one person, roll cages must be kept in good condition. 

Damaged roll cages can directly cause an injury, or they can lead to an accident in the workplace. They can also lead to inefficiencies in your daily operations that will negatively affect your profitability. 

If you’re involved in managing an organisation that uses roll cages, it’s important that you have your equipment serviced and repaired by a reputable company. 

Distribution Maintenance Repair Services

Distribution Maintenance offers a specialist repair, refurbishment, and maintenance service for roll cages and other associated equipment. Our experienced team of skilled engineers works diligently to provide the highest level of services, ensuring that your equipment is in optimal working condition. 

At Distribution Maintenance, we are aware that the current climate has brought about unprecedented and challenging circumstances. Many businesses are experiencing difficulties like never before, and a lack of capital expenditure for purchasing new equipment is a reality.

We offer roll cage repair and roll cage refurbishment services on-site or off-site to ensure your needs are met in the most convenient way possible

On-site Repairs

Our service vans are fully equipped to tend to any and all roll cage repair and maintenance tasks. Health and safety along with top quality control plays a key part in the service we provide, with our site vans kitted with welding blinds, safety cones and chains to section off a working area along with 2 x fire extinguishers. We offer nationwide coverage and work efficiently to help make sure your equipment is back up and running the same day.

Off-site Repairs

If it does not suit you to repair equipment on-site, then repairs can be carried out at our dedicated 12,000 sq ft repair centre based in Harlow, Essex. Here we have a fully kitted repair centre where roll cages and other associated equipment can be repaired and refurbished to suit your requirements. We have a large yard area to manoeuvre 40ft double deck HGV’s and fully dry, secure and alarmed facilities to cater for repairs and storage of all types of equipment

Health and Safety Credentials

Distribution Maintenance prioritises safety at every step of the process. We adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and are a Safe Contractor Approved & Accredited company, with all RAMS along with Health & Safety Policy and Public / Liability Certs to be provided upon agreement of works.

Along with roll cage repair and maintenance ,Distribution Maintenance offer a broad range of services including new roll cages, , other associated equipment and accessories.  

Get in touch with us today to talk through your needs. Why not Chat to us online, call us on 01279 883 286 or send a message to Further information about our full service range can be found on our website.