The Benefits of Roll Cages to the Retail Industry

17 February 2020

In an era where virtually every aspect of the retail industry can benefit from the implementation of advanced computer technology, the humble roll cage remains one of the most valuable assets in the supply chain management. 

The simple metal cage on wheels is used throughout many parts of the retail industry. Here are just some of the reasons why your business should be using them.

Ease of Use

When choosing facilities for your business, simplicity is king. Roll cages are extremely easy to use. Simply load products or items onto the cage and push it to the setting where items are to be unloaded. There’s no need or training, while virtually all staff members will be ready to use the container. Securing items in place is equally easy, meaning your business can start to reap the rewards of using this facility from the day it arrives on site.


Roll cages are the most efficient option for a range of bulk stock movement tasks. They can be adapted with rails for holding clothing garments, shelves for small boxes, or left as a single container for stacking larger items. Whether you need items clearly shown and easily reached, or simply need to get all products from A to B, they are ideal. Best of all, the fact they roll means they can be used on shop floors, in the warehouse, and by vans.


Time is the most valuable resource in business, not least in the busy retail sector. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you choose a reliable solution. Roll cages require no batteries, tech additions, or extra features. As long as the metal bars are stable and the wheels are moving freely, you’re good to go. Moreover, the robust materials can withstand the various bumps, knocks, and scrapes that may be encountered over the weeks and months. As long as you avoid major neglect, your product will perform at maximum efficiency for life.

Staff Safety 

The safety of your employees is paramount at all times, and safe equipment is a key ingredient in the recipe for success. The wheels make roll cages easy to handle, preventing a range of safety hazards such as being crushed or not being able to stop the cage from moving. Likewise, the layout is far better than using pallets due to the fact that there is less bending involved. This removes the strain of the employee’s back while the avoidance of wood can prevent splinters too. A safe workforce is a happy workforce. 


Last but not least, every business decision should be a financial decision, which is another reason to choose roll cages for your retail company. Roll cages are a low-cost investment won’t need to be replaced due to evolving technology, meaning you’ll get years of service at an affordable price.

Distribution Maintenance can help reduce the costs further by repairing damaged roll cages and supplying refurbished roll cages for retail. Whatever setup you require, it’s the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to upgrade your supply chain.