Roll Cages Create Safe Transportation

27 January 2020

It is important to protect the employees who will be handling the products being delivered, while also guaranteeing that there is minimal risk of potentially damaging the items themselves. This is particularly important for items that are in packaging that must remain sealed and products that are delicate or potentially even dangerous. For instance, it is essential that during the transfer of medical items there are no problems with contamination. 

One of the best ways to ensure safe transportation will always be to use roll cages in your business model. 

What Are Roll Cages?

Roll cages are pieces of equipment that can be used to store and carry and a wide selection of different products and items. As such, they can be suitable for use in a variety of industries. This includes laundry and linen services, the automotive industry, healthcare providers, logistics and food distributors as well as countless others. 

With a roll cage, the items can be securely loaded into the cage which is locked tight. The cage can then be transported into the van, ready for transfer. This provides a vast range of benefits with one of the key advantages being that these cages are great space savers. It makes packing a truck quickly easy and also ensures that the unloading process is efficient as well. However, one of the main benefits of roll cages is that they can guarantee that the transfer of goods in your business model remains safe. 

The Safety Benefits Of Roll Cages

One of the key safety benefits is that manual handling of products is greatly reduced. Instead, the items can be moved around in the cages which are designed for easy mobility. This ensures that there is less of a potential risk of injury for any employees who are involved in this process. However, it also ensures that there is less chance of a product being damaged as well. These are stored securely within the cage. 

The cages are available in a variety of different styles as well. As such, you can find one that will match the specific products that you are working with. 

Another key benefit is that these cages do offer an ergonomic design. As such, there is also a reduced chance of there being problems with repetitive strain injuries. 

Roll cage trolleys will also allow mixed loads allowing you more versatility in what is being transported. At the same time, there is less chance of products falling during the transportation, loading or unloading process. This is one of the key ways that people get injured and that products get damaged. With roll cages, the issue is eliminated completely and workers can operate rapidly without the danger of a potential injury. 

We hope this helps you understand why roll cages are so beneficial. At Distribution Maintenance, we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of roll cages to suit your business needs at prices you can afford. Contact us to today to discuss your requirements.