Plan Well to Stay Ahead of the Competition

23 March 2021

On April 12th, as further lockdown restrictions are scheduled to be eased, the process of non-essential retail, leisure and hospitality sectors getting back up and running must be well planned. Businesses must be prepared for a surge in demand and have the appropriate distribution equipment in place to accommodate this.

Equipment including  roll cagesmagnums, pallet cages and thermotainers will be back in full use again so it’s imperative to review and assess existing stock of distribution equipment to ensure there is sufficient for business needs.

Any uplift in the demand for distribution equipment could lead to shortages and impact the supply chain and it’s therefore crucial that businesses are well prepared and forward plan well in advance and not left struggling to cope.

Factors to Consider

In order to be ready and fully prepared, consideration should be given to the following:  

  • Review and analyse existing logistics process
  • Assess distribution equipment in relation to needs
  • Do you have sufficient equipment in the network? 
  • Does any equipment require repair or servicing? 
  • Are any spare parts needed?
  • Does the warehouse require new racking, or does it need to be repaired?

Now is the time to order new or refurbished distribution equipment or have your current stock repaired or serviced. We recommend you do this now before demand intensifies.

Urgent Roll Cage Repairs 

On-site repairs

Distribution Maintenance offer a full maintenance, repair and refurbishment service to all types of roll cages and other associated equipment. If you have damaged equipment it will disrupt your supply chain impacting business. We provide equipment repairs to ensure services are up to speed quickly.  

Cages can be repaired at our dedicated repair centre in Harlow or at your own premises. They can be put back into use the same day, thereby reducing the down time associated with damaged equipment. 

New and Refurbished Equipment in a Hurry

Roll Cage Sales

If you are looking for additional equipment, Distribution Maintenance can supply you with new equipment and refurbished equipment to fulfil your requirements. We currently have a large stock holding of new and refurbished Roll Cages, Magnums, Metal Pallet Cages and other associated equipment, offered at competitive pricing and with a fast turnaround. However, demand will be high as we head towards the easing of lockdown so get in touch with us now to ensure you don’t miss out.

Whatever your industry, Distribution Maintenance can support you. We offer a broad range of services including new roll cages, roll cage repair and maintenanceother associated equipment and accessories.  With volume discounts and competitive rates, we can have your orders ready for delivery or collection within 24 hours, depending on peak periods.

Get in touch with us today to talk through your needs. Why not chat to us online, call us on 01279 883 286 or send a message to

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