It’s Business as Usual for Distribution Maintenance

6 November 2020

COVID-19 may be putting some of the UK back into lockdown for a second time, but it is very much business as usual for Distribution Maintenance.

Distribution Maintenance will continue to be fully operational and here to help businesses make it through lockdown and beyond.

Supporting additional demand on businesses

There were some important lessons to learn from the first lockdown back in March this year. Nobody could have anticipated the country entering into a lockdown situation, leading to an unprecedented increase in demand for products, including food, household and medical supplies.

Businesses struggled to meet this demand, leading to delays and frustration for customers and suppliers. This time around, everyone is better prepared, and at Distribution Maintenance, we are also very well prepared and here to help. We remain fully operational to assist your business to cope with additional demand, whatever your needs. From roll cage sales to equipment repairs and more, we have got you covered. 

Keeping operations safe

Safety is an important priority right now and Health and Safety continues to play a key part in the service that we provide. We have worked hard to ensure that our operations are and continue to remain COVID secure to keep our clients and staff safe. We are a Safe Contractor Approved and Accredited company and carry out full risk assessments on all work undertaken, both on-site and off-site. Adhering to guidelines as well as maintaining our high standards, we will be here for you to ensure you are able to keep moving all essential goods.

Urgent maintenance and repairs

Damaged equipment and disruption to your supply chain can impact your business. We provide equipment repairs that can help you get your services back up and running quickly. Cages can be repaired at our dedicated repair centre in Harlow or at your own premises and put back into the network the same day, thereby reducing the down-time associated with damaged equipment so that you can focus on delivering the services your clients need.

New and used equipment in a hurry

If you need assistance to cope with additional demand at this time, we can support you. Distribution Maintenance can supply you with new equipment sales and used equipment sales and will be able to fulfil your requirements. 

We have a large stock holding of new and refurbished Roll Cages, Magnums, Metal Pallet Cages and other associated equipment, offered at competitive pricing and with a fast turnaround.

Another national lockdown has come as a huge blow for businesses, but those still able to remain open have an important job to do. Whatever your industry, Distribution Maintenance can support you. 

Distribution Maintenance offer a broad range of services including new roll cages, , roll cage repair and maintenanceother associated equipment and accessories.  With volume discounts and competitive rates, we can have your orders ready for delivery or collection within 24 hours, depending on peak periods.

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