How to prevent accidents in the workplace

16 March 2016

This is a question on the mind of a warehouse manager all the time.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK has a host of good advice and we thought it might be helpful to pull together some key guides from across the internet to help to minimise accidents in a busy warehouse.

Fork lift trucks, high racking and faulty transit equipment can create hazards so feel free to use our quick checklist to locate the best guides to keep your warehouse operation safe.

Warehousing and Storage Guide to Health and Safety HSG76

One of the most important guides for a warehouse manager is the all important Warehousing and Storage Guide to Health and Safety published in 2007 which can be downloaded for free here.

This has good sections on responsible warehouse practices, prevention of avoidable risks and hazards and information on accident and emergency procedures.

HSE Intro Guide to Warehousing and Storage

There is also a shorter HSE intro INDG412 Warehousing and Storage guide available to download here.

Don’t’ forget the HSE posters

Employers have a legal duty to display the HSE health and safety law poster in every workplace or provide staff members with a copy of the approved leaflet “Health and Safety Law: What you need to know” outlining British health and safety law.

How to protect vulnerable high traffic areas

One of the key ways to ensure you have a safe warehouse is to look at vulnerable high traffic areas in your warehouse where you may wish to install additional safety barriers to protect your vulnerable warehouse racking from the impact of any fork lift collisions.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need advice on how to improve and protect your warehouse racking.   We can quickly assess the quality of your racking and advise on any risks and how to make improvements to minimise damage.

Faulty transit equipment can also cause real delays to your supply chain so talk to us if your damaged roll cages, stillages, tote boxes or thermotainers are causing risks, delivery delays and issues for your business.

photo credit: Distribution centre via photopin (license)