Do you know your roll cages?

7 April 2020

For a business with a supply chain, roll cages are likely to be something that you need for your business. Roll cages are basically the humble work horse that plays a vital part of many distribution systems, and are essentially a foldable metal cage, with moving parts, latches, opening door, and hinged shelf. The design allows them to be packed full of large boxes or items, as well as allowing it to be divided into two sections for small boxes, loose items, and different things. Being on casters or wheels also makes it really easy for them to be moved around and pushed to where you need them to be. In terms of storage, they can be folded up to fit together with other roll cages, which can be a really positive side for a warehouse, for example.

A roll cage can be used in goods transportation, used in stores, used with retailers, and used in warehouses and factories to make moving things around much simpler and easier. The roll cage is available in a few different shapes and sizes, so what you choose will depend on the kind of goods or products that you are transporting, as well as the kind of space that you have to look after them. Roll cages also have a few other uses in industries like storage, as well as being used as picking cages in distribution. But as they do so much work for you, they can be an essential part of business, they need to be looked after, as well as used, in the right way. Do you know your roll cages?

Types of Roll Cages

There are a variety of roll cages available, depending on what your needs are. Distribution Maintenance can help you, as we supply and maintain a variety. We offer the option of new roll cages or refurbished roll cages. You can choose from a full security roll cage, that is secure from top to bottom. There is also a plastic-lined full security roll cage, for added privacy and protection of goods. There are four-sided roll cages to choose from as well as three-sided roll cages. You can choose a plastic roll cage for full versatility, as it can be used as a two-sided, three-sided, four-sided, or full security roll cage. 

Health and Safety of Roll Cages

The movement and loading of a roll cage needs to be taken seriously, as not doing so could result in some injuries that are related to manual handling. In fact, it is estimated that around a third of injuries that happen at work (where a business has and uses roll cages) happen as a result of roll cages and them being used incorrectly. Injuries can result from the motion of pulling or pushing the roll cage, especially if there is uneven or steep terrain, or when trying to stop roll cages from overbalancing (although items falling off an injuring can be another reason). Roll cages can fall on hand or fingers get trapped, again, if they’re not being used in the right way. So, health and safety when it comes to using roll cages is really important, especially when loading and unloading. 

To follow best practice, as well as get the right kinds of roll cages for the needs of your warehouse or business, getting in touch with us at Distribution Maintenance can help. Not only can we supply roll cages, but we can maintain them, repair them, and even refurbish them. So why not get in touch today to find out what we can do for you?