Distribution Maintenance launches new roll cage rental service

9 September 2016

Following a successful period of trading with the roll cage recovery specialists at ACQSYS we spotted an opportunity to together provide a value added service to our clients. 

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a unique roll cage rental service which enables our clients to rent cages from us on a long or short term basis.

Managing Director Justin Howell said “The new service will offer a significant advantage over other types of rental service as it includes a nationwide cage recovery service as standard to offset losses of any rental cages.  One of the loudest complaints we hear about other rental companies are that clients end up having to pay for lost rental cages which they never owned in the first place!”

The Roll Cage Rental service provides a unique advantage and brings down the “True Rental Cost” and reduces those nasty charges for “ terminal losses” that you get with other rental contracts. 

Read more about our new cage rental service